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The Tile Studio - Tiles from Turkey, Morocco, Mediterranean, Spain, Mexico

The inspiration for The Tile Studio emerged from our passion for traveling the globe. Think Portuguese palaces, Turkish baths, Moroccan Riads, Mediterranean courtyards, and Mexican fiestas. We thought why not bring your holiday home and live it! Everyday!

With over 20 years in the tile industry previously, The Tile Studio represents a uniting of our tiling and construction experience with our passion for exotic, unique and quality tiles. Thus in addition to sourcing and selling tiles from all corners of the globe, we specialise in the installation of these unique tiles.

Buy Exotic Tiles and Install Yourself or Install Professionally

By combining both design and tiling expertise, we can provide specialised advice for such a specialised product.  So whether you choose for us to install your selected tiles, or elect to arrange installation with your own tiler; you can be confident that the advice we can provide you with comes from our tiler with expertise in working with these unique tiles.

The Tile Studio is dedicated to delivering timeless quality and we look forward to working with you on your next project.

Contact The Tile Studio for further information about available special or unique tiles.