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Buying Tiles - What to bring when shopping for tiles!

Nowadays with so many Tile Options available, shopping for tiles can be an overwhelming exercise.  Many people may turn right around and leave the tile showroom at the first hurdle, leaving their project on the back burner.

Months, or even years later the task is revisited with renewed vigour, repeating the same process over and being left with that deflating feeling once again.

I have been Tiling and Tile Retailing for over 15 years and have seen it all too many times.

Entering the tile showroom with huge excitement in the eyes, and then leaving like a deer in headlights.

The problem being that there is not enough information to make an informed Tile Selection.

Here are 5 Simple Tips of what to do when shopping for tiles to make the process so much easier, enjoyable and what I believe key to a successful tile shopping expedition.

5 Simple Tips when Shopping for Tiles

  1. Job plans and drawings - Depending on your project, these don’t always need to be architectural drawings. A simple hand drawn sketch with measurements will be fine.  Bring this with you to the Tile Showroom.
  2. Photos of your project – you can never have enough of these, this will help put your project into context.
  3. Surface finishing samples – This is anything you have already chosen for your project; IE. Bench tops, cupboards, fixtures or a unique piece of furniture. This may be a physical sample piece, a brochure or a photo, and remember sometimes the Tile choice is the catalyst for your project.
  4. Inspiration Photos – You may have seen a picture in a magazine or online, It could have even been something you saw at your favourite hangout or while you were on holidays. Take some photos or clippings and bring them with you. We love to see them – it’s a great insight into your personality and the feeling you're going for.
  5. Choose a Knowledgeable Tile Consultant.  Having all this information is a great start and collating it should be a fun! Now that you have all this valuable information the final ingredient to a successful tile shopping trip is a knowledgeable Tile consultant. Someone who not only knows tiles and their applications inside out, but also understands the construction process and their requirements.

The Tile Studio Shop 89 Winston Ave Daw ParkThese 5 Tips, in combination, will ensure a tile selection that meets your expectations whilst at the same time being practical and functional for your space.

Thanks for reading, if you have any queries we are only a phone call or email away.

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